Friday, April 25, 2008

Flower Child

Springtime is a wonderful opportunity to adorn little girls in simple dresses and surround them with the freshy blooming flora. And so, without further ado, here are some of my very favorite recent pictures of my darling Isabella.
In this first picture she is excitedly talking - of course. She has such stories to tell us, and one day we will understand them!Ok so she had something in her hand that was most likely on it's way to the mouth, but in the interim didn't this make for a sweet little pose?

Anytime we are outside we are happy! I am all-too-happy to oblige, as sunshine is always good my soul. The past week we have spent at least some of every day outside enjoying the beautiful, perfect weather. Warm, sunny, just enough breeze to keep those drat bugs away, and perfect for long walks around the neighborhood or trips to the park.

The Future Doctor Isabella? We were having fun playing dress-up. At least one of us was :)


Christine said...

Super super cute! What lovely pictures. I love the flowers. Glad to hear you are well, and that y'all are spending so much time outside.