Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Selfish Revelation

Well this little respiratory infection has taken a lot out of me the past week, while Bella continues to act like her normal self. Hence the light blogging. Both of us are on meds now, and I'm anticipating any day now that I will feel better. In the meantime, my little girl has been learning what she sees, and now "blows" her nose into a tissue. Really she just leans into it and waits, sometimes even blowing through her mouth to try to make the same animal noises that happen when mama uses a tissue. What this accomplished is that when she does have a runny nose I can wipe her face without a total melt-down. I'll consider this a blessing!

Last night we went out to dinner thanks to Christmas gift cards, a real treat for us. When we sat down to wait for a table I had a revelation. There were these 2 women sitting there talking as we squeezed by them, and they did not even smile at my baby. Who do they think they are? She was not screaming, she was not throwing a fit, she was not a snotty-nosed germ habitat. She was even happy! I will not go so far to say as I took it personally; I was simply appalled that her new bicycle (named "Baby Blue", we heard) was more exciting then the cutest little baby around. I have gotten so accustomed to smiling at babies and my daughter being on the receiving end that when it did not happen, I was confused. Who doesn't smile at a baby? She even got a grin from the young teenage boy who sat down a few minutes later! Even before I had a child I loved looking at the kids around me, and now I am happy to smile and talk to any mom I see. I guess I must assume that they either do not have any children, or live under a rock and are anti-social, because there is no other explanation for ignoring my adorable infant. Just kidding.

Moving on to today, I am so excited that it is sunny and warm! YAY! We say outside this morning while I fed, or attempted to feed, her breakfast. My little epicure loves her some Cheerios, while applesauce is slightly less appealing. In fact, she made her first sign today! I was trying to get a few bites of fruit in her when she signed "more" and kept signing until I gave her a Cheerio. She signed "more" every time she was out of O's, actually. Sneaky little devil knows how to get Mama's attention; who could refuse such a well-said request?

While Isabella taker her nap I'm going to read some more of the fascinating book by which I've been captivated for the past few days. "Stolen Lives: 20 years in a Desert Jail", which I started a while ago but then just found again, is amazing and so far I highly recommend it. Afterwards we're taking a nice walk in the sunshine!

Enjoy your day!