Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Shameless Bragging Zone Ahead

You have been warned - the intent of this post is simply to boast of my amazing daughter.

We went to the doc today for her 9-month appointment, so the growth stats are in, and she is even smaller than I would have guessed!
weight - 15lbs, 11.2 ozs - 5th %
length - 26 1/2 inches - 15th %
head circum - 25th %

So she's a short chubby lightweight with a fat head. :) I will add that the doc is not at all concerned about her, as she is acting and developing FINE, and is very, very active. If my ratio of food to activity were the same as hers, I'll bet I would be a lightweight, too! (note to self - kick legs and grab toes while eating, flip over and wiggle while getting dressed, don't sit still for longer than 30 seconds...)

So the doc was also very impressed with all that she says and does, and said that she seems to be "across the board at 11 months developmentally." She obviously takes after her father.

Unfortunately the head cold we've been battling for almost a week seems to be getting worse and turning into an upper respiratory infection (URI), so we also have a script for an antibiotic.

After showing off her amazing vocal chords after her shot (polio vaccine) and whining as we tried to get out of there, she grinned and played peek-a-boo for a good part of the ride home. Funny funny girl of mine. A nine-month-old-disguised-as-a-seven-month-old-acting-like-an-eleven-month-old Isabella Marie.

End of bragging. For now.