Sunday, April 6, 2008

BUSY 9 month-old

Oh Isabella, where has the time gone? How have you grown SO fast, and the days of you sleeping on my chest, and bouncing and swaddling you to get that way, seem so far behind us! Wow, you have changed so much; then again, as you become more and more of you own little person I can see what traits have been there since the beginning and will likely continue to grow with you! The height/weight stats are outstanding since we do not go to the doctor until later this week; however, I have time to write now.

The things we say: She has SO many stories to tell us! Bella babbles a lot, especially while playing. When happily occupied there is a string of "ba, ga, da, ma, na, fff, aya, iiii, ooo" going on! When she's unhappy it's the same sounds, but add a loud whine. Also, I am now confident about a distinct, deliberate "MAMA" that happens when she wants me! She crawls over to me, pulls herself up on my legs whining "Mama" until I acknowledge her. Talk about melting my heart! Also, she carries on great conversations, full of lively hand gestures and excited inflection. She's so funny. She waves "hi" with a noise that occasionally actually sounds like "hi." It's happening more often now, though!
The games we play: Peek-a-Boo is her favorite, and she's just learning "how big is baby?" and "how much do I love you?" She loves a good chase around the floor, filled with excited squeals and fast crawling! She likes to do all the different activities on her play table, and enjoys anything that makes noise like rattles or cousin Rachael. Oh, my Isabella also loves that baby in the mirror! Anytime we pass one she gets so excited and waves and babbles. She has a book that has a little mirror on every other page and she loves to look at it and then give herself big kisses! So darn cute!!!

On the MOVE: I do not find my Bella sitting still very often. In fact, she wiggles while she sleeps and she kicks and grabs at things while she nurses. *whew* In her preparation to take over the world, she is crawling like a champ, walking along furniture/boxes/legs/tables/cousin Rachael/anything and everything she can reach! On Easter she also discovered that the stairs were no longer too tall for her, and she has been unstoppable since! The other day she crawled over with toys in her hand and crawled upstairs with said toys as if saying, "Mama I'm going to go play with these in my room, okay?" She's crazy I tell ya! Every time I turn around she is doing something that makes my jaw drop. Yesterday she walked across the room with Aunt Angela, about 15 steps, only holding on with ONE HAND. Where does she get ideas like this?! Certainly NOT from her motorcycle-riding, cliff-jumping parents. Nope.

The walker is another favorite activity, especially at Mame and Papa-Tom's house, where there is a whole circle of hardwood floors on which to "walk." The impressive thing about this is that she does not get frustrated when she bumps into something; rather, she simple backs up and turns herself until she is able to get around it! How cool is that?
Another favorite is being outside. Isabella loves to be outside, loves the water, and loves to be naked. I see a summer of a very happy baby! I can only imagine how much busier we are going to get in the coming months! I have known for a while that she was going to keep me busy. I think that might be the grossest understatement ever.