Friday, April 25, 2008

Seeing His Holiness**

Last week I had an incredible opportunity - I was at Andrew's Air Force Base to wave "bye" to Pope Benedict! Yes, quite unexpectedly I was able to partake in the frenzy surrounding the Papal Visit. It was so incredible!

Thanks to my brother, we had front row seats (not that we were sitting in them when His Holiness showed up!) to watch him pull up, get out of the car, walk up the steps to the plane, and wave to us. Oh, and of course we cheered loudly to let him know just how much we love him! What a blessing to have an unobstructed close view of such a great and holy man!!!

Although it sounds so simple-minded, I was impressed just watching him walk up the stairs. I am too young to remember the late Pope John Paul II's younger and healthier years; to watch Pope Benedict take those steps at such a fast rate was impressive! I think I would have fallen flat on my face. Even after a few busy, exhausting days, he still had a lot of energy.

I got a few pictures and video footage of him walking up the steps, but I decided not to betray my lack of videography skills by actually posting the clip. Watch EWTN, their camera man is in fact better at such things, as one would hope. Speaking of EWTN, they had the former U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See on, who said that (I think 6) years ago he was speaking with Cardinal Ratzinger about a trip to America, to which the Cardinal replied, "I am getting to an age where I do not think transatlantic travel is for me anymore." One has to laugh at God's plan sometimes.

Oh, and in case anyone is interested, I wanted to put a huge plug in for (D.C.) Channel 9 News. Their coverage of the Papal Mass was BEAUTIFULLY done! Instead of the vigilant anti-Catholic rhetoric we see and hear far too often in the news media, they were amazingly reverent. The main reporter was polite and respectful, and the priest they had commenting and explaining the Mass was clear and informative. In other words, they showed the honor and respect that I would have expected for any historic, cultural, and religious event. (May I dare to suggest that I enjoyed their coverage better that EWTN's?)

Te Amo, Papa.

**You will have to excuse my once again delayed blogging. The Papal visit was April 15-20, and my experience was when he left DC on April 19th. **


Abigail said...

Oh, I'm so excited to read a post from someone who was there to wave goodbye to our Holy Father. We he said "God Bless America!" my heart just melted.