Monday, March 31, 2008

Yes Mommy CAN!

I just read a very encouraging and insightful blog post from one of my favorite blogger/authors, the Montessori Mommy of 12! She talks about how today's culture seems to pressure parents into believing that professionals know better than mommies. Now we all know better than that, right?! But the truth is that we all face our doubts and questions every day. When someone who has a degree/license tells us what is best for our kids, there is a little voice in our brain that says "maybe they're right." The important thing is to let the louder Voice be the Holy Spirit giving us confidence in the vocation to which God has called us, knowing without a doubt that He equips us with the grace to handle anything and He guides our hands and hearts.

Who knows when something is wrong with your child? When she's crying who knows what will dry her tears? When he's angry who understands his triggers, or what discipline is appropriate for his temper? Even as a licensed health professional I know without a doubt that MOMMY knows when baby is sick. Just because you don't have the training to medically assess that doesn't mean that your gut isn't telling you that he has an ear infection.

Now professionals are good resources, important support in the care for your child! If you choose to send your child to school instead of homeschool then you are trusting that professional to teach your child. And they will. We trust doctors to treat our child's illnesses and check their normal growth. And that's what they are trained to do! Sometimes even we have to trust their instincts, which is a different kind of challenge, when there is a fine line between a "slow learner" and a disability of some sort. God gives these people skills and guides their hands, too. My prayer is that they are open to His guidance to support their knowledge.

The key here is to balance your reliance on professionals and your confidence in your knowledge and instincts as PARENT. No one else knows and LOVES your child like you do!

I encourage you to read this post for some intelligent thoughts from a faith-filled Mommy!