Monday, March 10, 2008

My First Day at the Park

As I write this it is freezing cold outside. Saturday we had such terrific winds that much of our little town lost power. But I am taking a few minutes to transport myself back to last Monday, when it was in the high 60s and we took our little Dumplin to the park. Don't you love how prompt I am with this? Seriously, if I wrote a newspaper it would be called "Old News" or "Last Month's Happenings." But the pictures are so cute they're worth posting anyways.

Although I am hesitant to scare you with pictures of myself, I had to talk about how much Bella loved the slide. As all babies do, she held her breath as the air hit her face, and then she started "jumping" and cooing at the end. Every time. She was SO happy!

In the crawl-through tunnel: not a big hit, she was not impressed. The unfortunate part of this is that means Mama had to go try to coax her through. It's a good thing that I was the one holding the camera and that there is no physical evidence of such sights.

It's hard to get good facial expressions in pictures sometimes, espcially when she is spending her time babbling. She was happy and really enjoying it, despite the funny looks that grace all of the pictures. She does look rather silly in that swing - she's just so little!

Who's brilliant idea was it to put the 8-month-old who puts everything in her mouth IN THE SAND??? Oh, wait, that would be Daddy's. That's why we love Daddies and why kids need them. Otherwise they may not have the opportunity for all that nasty exposure until they're at least in preschool. I have to say, she was cute to watch as she tried out the new texture. And, for the record, no actual sand entered her mouth. (Yes, Patrick, you were right.) Her clothes were filthy! And she was one happy little girl.
It was the best way we could have spent the time together. Fresh air, lots of smiles, happiness! There is nothing in the world better than that.


Christine said...

So precious - thank you for sharing...and I got busy this morning...I'll try to call in the near future - ie before next Tuesday. :)