Saturday, March 29, 2008

Alleluia, Happy Easter (octave)

Alleluia, He Is Risen!

I hope that every one's Easter was blessed and Joyous. You know, when we wish "Happy" Easter, I think that does not quite cut it. To the best of our abilities and through our best efforts, we have been through 40 days of fasting and penance. We've just reflected on the Passion and Death of our Saviour and entered into the remembrance of His Divine Love and Ultimate Sacrifice. Then we celebrate the EMPTY TOMB, the TRIUMPH over evil and sin and death. so...

Joyous, Jubilant Easter, everyone!

We experienced a wonderful Triduum at our Alma mater , a true spiritual blessing. Holy Thursday is celebratory and humbling, as you watch the holy friars wash the students' feet and then celebrate the Eucharist. Good Friday service is chanted, including the entire reading of the Gospel, which maintains an aura befitting such a solemn liturgy. Saturday brings an opportunity to reflect on the emptiness of Christ's absence from the Tabernacle. Then... The Vigil is, well, the event of the year! After a richly spiritual build-up, the joy that explodes throughout the church (OK, fieldhouse, their chapel can't hold the thousand people that attend!) is unrivalled anywhere else! There is no subdued celebrating going on here!

Isabella did not have quite the favorable impression, of course, but all in all she did quite well. She took the shortest little nap while I was getting ready, leaving her wide awake even before Mass began! She watched and played and squirmed. She does NOT like baptisms there, though. I would say that the congregation there echoes the heavenly celebration with the birth of each new Christian. The applause that erupted after each baptism (there were 3) made her BURST into tears! She would just recover as another one happened! Poor little girl! After that, though, she was able to fall asleep.

Easter Sunday we drove back home to continue the feast with my family, all gathered 'round the parents' house, like usual. Sugar highs and pretty dresses - I love Easter!

Don't you just love my favorite little Easter Bunny?

Alleluia, Indeed He Is Risen!