Monday, February 22, 2010

When we Need a weekend Out of the house

I have been so lazy lately. Oh wait, I'm pregnant and sick. Maybe that has something to do with my non-existent attention span. I sit and try to write only to re-read and delete on the basis of unintelligible babble. That might happen again today. Or maybe you will wish it would have...

Friday night I got to go out without the kids to the Frederick County Right to Life annual banquet, which was featuring a talk by author-mom-of-12 and one of my favorite bloggers, Barbara Curtis. My mom, sister-in-law Angela, and I enjoyed our seafood dinner and finally meeting "our celebrity." Barbara is one of the most down-to-earth people I have ever met. It was delightful to talk to her, not to mention the freedom of getting dressed up and being out until 11pm! Whew, party-animal!

This past weekend was a good, albeit exhausting, one. After all the snow days Patrick was elated at having to leave the house for work. (He did a lousy job of trying to disguise it.) By Tuesday he was prompting me to make plans for the weekend to get out of the house and do something! Well, mission accomplished. Saturday we headed to Baltimore to Port Discovery, an awesome children's museum. Bella LOVED it! We met our good friends there and the kids had the most active, energy-expending, smile-inducing time possible. As an added bonus they were celebrating Chinese New Year there this weekend, with a dragon dance with drums expo, origami and letter-writing for the older kids, and FREE FOOD from P.F. Chang's. YUM!!! The spiced chicken and fried rice were big hits with our girls, and a very special treat for Patrick and I.

Sunday I made a case for getting Bella outside. "The snow has melted a lot" she says, "It will be easier for Bella to walk in" she says, "It will be fun" she says, "We could use the outside time, too" she says. "She" is dumb. The snow has, in fact, compacted and melted a lot making it more possible for us to walk through. The short-legged 2-year-old? Not so much. So we ended up carrying her AND the sled up the hill over and over again. Of course, the pay-off was great. Bella was SO happy to be outside sledding again. In the end we worked hard to bribe her inside with hot chocolate because WE were exhausted! That was too much like work.

Well, although I have been up since 6am with a grumpy little Munchkin I am still lounging around. After a cup of coffee and some ginger cookies for breakfast it is probably time for me to start my day, before the Little Ones start without me.

Happy Monday!