Thursday, February 4, 2010

On Our Bookshelf

This is a great blog carnival hosted by one of my most recent favorite blogs, This Heavenly Life. Heavenly Mama Sarah writes reviews on what books they're reading, rising my interest in great new finds for little girl minds. We have a couple of these around here, too. This is my first go at participating, so please be patient. I just HAD to finally share! Disclaimer: We have not actually been to the library in a few weeks. We're still in love with the new ones from Christmas so I'm highlighting the one I could read from memory she loves it so much!

Winter is the Warmest Season, by Lauren Stringer

The title itself grabbed my curiosity! The perspective of the illustrations are non-traditional but enchanting. Mostly, though, the language of the book draws both adult and child in to the cozy imagery of the warmth found when it's cold outside! The book must be read with a little body snuggled up on your lap, and both of you will be glad for it! Bella uses some of the phrases from the book in her everyday discussion of what will "warm the inside of me" or "my snowflake pajamas that grew big feet."

So, since this is my first try at writing a short review of a book I'll stop here. I'm not sure exactly what to write to properly entice you to check this one out! All I can say is I approached it with a raised eyebrow and have since fallen in love right along with my 2 year old. As we sit watching the beginnings of another snowstorm it seems particularly apropos, in fact!


This Heavenly Life said...

Hi Kate! I'm THRILLED that you joined in the book swap! This one looks exactly like something that would be a big hit in our house. Thank you so much for participating!