Thursday, February 11, 2010

Quotable Quotes

(from last late summer/early fall)
We were talking about how foods grow, and we were exploring a cantaloupe.
Mama: "Feel the rough skin, kind of bumpy. Does it have a smell? Look, this is where it attaches to the stem from the vine in the ground!
Bella, pointing to the grocery produce sticker: "And this is where the TAG grows!"

When we were in KY in late January for our new Goddaughter's Baptism, Felicity Grace, Bella was really enjoying her time with the twin 3-year-old boys. There was some name confusion, however, due to the fact we were just coming out of the Christmas season.
"Mama! I'm playing with Michael and SAINT Nicholas!" (Michael and Nicholas.)

Robin (my best friend from college and Mama to those boys and baby Felicity) was stepping out of the boys' bedroom and said "Michael is having some quiet time, so it's going to be quiet in here for a little while."
Bella, in pure innocence, looks up at Miss Robin and says, "Actually, it's going to be a little noisy in here!" (the confused look on Bella's face was priceless, looking at Robin like she had no idea what life was really like. Of course, Bella was right... a house with that many kids is never really quiet!)

In the car on the 8-hour ride home we were singing lots of songs, most by Bella's specific requests. We introduced 2 new ones lately, B-I-N-G-O and Old MacDonald.
Bella: "Let's sing someone had a farm!"

During Mass at the Baptism Bella was standing right beside me watching. When I was holding the candle I looked down and saw Bella furtively blowing in the direction of the flame!

In the snow -
Bella, looking outside: "Wow, we have much snow again! There is snow everywhere!" (that might have been a little understatement...)


Domanda3 said...

AH! Those are so cute! I love the cantalope one. Hillarious!