Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Walkin' in a Winter Wonderland

Now this is what I call a winter snowfall! With the second snowiest season on record for our area many people are busy complaining about all the inconveniences, but we are snuggled up with hot chocolate enjoying every minute. Our normal (read: boring) little suburb has transformed into a winter wonderland fit for a Rockwell painting, with neighbors out shoveling together and homes tucked behind beautiful drifts of snow.

Okay, it's a little deeper than that romanticized image. Just ask Bella, who came inside and stated indignantly "Daddy put me in the snow!" Luckily it was compacted enough she couldn't sink the full depth; we would have lost her!

She instead preferred to walk back and forth in the path Daddy was diligently creating, staring at the walls of snow rising up around her!

For more great photos check out the video slideshow by talented photographer and friend Stephanie. She has the gradual progress documented beautifully from our state capitol, Annapolis.

For an unusual glimpse at my political cynicism, enjoy this blog post by Virginia-located Barbara Curtis. Global warming, my foot! The irony is too much not to enjoy.

-----> This is our back deck and what's visible of their play kitchen. Bella says "my kitchen is hiding under the snow!"