Friday, August 21, 2009

Quick Takes

Yes, we're back in short story mode. But hey, at least I'm writing something!

We are back on track with potty-training, thankfully! Bella has been doing amazing, but then we had a few frustrating days. I'm not on a time-schedule, so I shouldn't care, but it's challenging when you think there is at least one thing in life moving along smoothly and... But now we're back to gross consumption of chocolate. Bella is getting rewards, too, don't worry.

Speaking of chocolate, I have found my new favorite guilty indulgence. Hershey Kisses dipped in peanut butter. Yup, right out of the jar.
Gee, I don't understand why I've stopped losing weight. I mean, it's low-fat peanut butter!

I love sandboxes! I consider them one of the necessary toys of childhood. They are great for exploring texture, non-structured play, coordination, and imagination.

I have discovered a simple way to set my day up for success - are you ready for this earth-shattering discovery? Take care of myself first thing in the morning. You never saw that coming, now did you? Most days I was barely managing to get my own teeth brushed let alone eat before 9am. I have 3 things I MUST do within an hour of waking, and they surprised me. 1) Drink 12-24 ozs of water. 2) Eat a real breakfast - not a granola bar, not a handful of cheerios. Eat a normal breakfast. 3) Drink my cup of coffee. I feel all comforted and ready after my Cup O' Joe. Since I have made these 3 things my morning priority I have felt SO much better throughout the rest of our morning routine.

This is a little girl NOT showing me her 2 bottom teeth. They are the source of much drama around here the past 2 days. At least, that's what I'm blaming.

We have been swimming a lot lately which is great. It probably has a lot to do with the great membership program at our pool - show up whenever we want and stay as late as we want, bring as many friends as we can, free usage of the grill and margarita machine, playmates for the girls, and more often than not the hosts cook dinner for us. That's what we get when my folks have the pool! Yay!

I have 40 lbs of chicken breasts in my freezer. That's what happens when a good friend lets you know of a $1.49/lb sale. I also have 15 lbs of super-lean ground beef in that same freezer, thanks to the $1.99/lb reason. When you are planning around a budget you simply can't ignore that kind of opportunity. So, anyone who has great recipes for chicken breasts or ground beef, please feel free to let me know. I think we're set for the winter at this rate. This downside to this is that I can't find a darn thing thanks to how stuffed my freezer is. If you read a headline about a woman bludgeoned to death by a cascade of frozen meat, I was simply looking for dinner.

We've been getting a lot more sleep in this household as of late! We started the Ferber Method with Anastasia at the beginning of the week, and she responded great. I love it because I get to sleep with earplugs until the pre-agreed upon time when Patrick wakes me to feed her. She's been over-shooting our expectations each night, up to this morning when I slept until 5:45!!! Then I pull her into bed and we fall asleep together while she nurses. I am one happy woman. What was that? Could it be a brain cell waking up?


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This Heavenly Life said...

I loved your quick takes! Sometimes I find myself hoping the baby is teething, because lord help me this can't be my child's personality :O

I posted a great chicken breast recips on my blog this week - coconut chicken strips. It was a fan favorite :)

Erin said...

I loved your insight about making yourself a priority in the morning. Isn't it amazing how we moms let ourselves go?!

Hope the teething gets better soon. I totally understand. Clare has three coming in right now! YUCK!