Monday, August 17, 2009

The Goings-On Around These Parts

Life is in fast-forward in our home these days! It started when someone had the nerve to tell Anastasia that she was 8 months old. Until then we were both under the impression that she was just a tiny (but not-so-tiny, really) baby - a little infant that only needed to be held and snuggled and pampered. And then, someone told her that she was getting bigger.

This is her standing. By herself, no help needed.

Bella, in the meantime, has decided that diapers are no longer a fashion statement, and that M&Ms are proof that God loves us. Between 10-15 times a day I hear the elated, proud, LOUD statement "I going peeing!" It's a good sound, unless it's followed by "I going peeing all over." We're at a pretty high success rate given the newness of it all. We're already on our second bag of M&Ms! Of course, just as many times a day I have to remind myself that full grown adults do not get treats for the toddler going pee in the potty.
Funny Story: I bought, a while ago, a regular, nondescript potty chair. Bella liked it until this past weekend, when we had a visit from our dear friends with their twin 3-year-old boys. Smart people that they are, they came armed with their boys' own potty seat, which happened to be a little more exciting than ours. "LOOK!!!! *gasp* LOOOOOK Mama! I have new FROGGY potty!!! *laughter*" All weekend that was the only potty she would use. When John tried to sneak it out of the house the morning of their departure Bella ran after him exclaiming "Where you going with my froggy potty???" That evening found us at Walmart.

Anastasia is crawling with gusto, pulling herself to standing, reaching out for everything, and bruising up her face often. She loves the newfound mobility and freedom, and squeals with delight as she "chases" after Bella. Big Sister in turn loves this attention and continues to do her best to make Anastasia giggle. When Anastasia falls, which happens a lot, Bella can be seen running to comfort her and tell her "I know, it's alright baby." Of course before I have a chance to swoon over this beautiful affection I end up having to say things like "get your foot out of your sister's mouth" and "I asked you not to put toys on her head" and "I'm proud that you know that color but you still can't take it away from her."

Sweet, Precious, Quiet Anastasia is... not so quiet these days. Or nights, rather. So we've moved her crib into Bella's room and are starting the "one of us needs to sleep through the night and it will help if you decide to, also" process. I was really resistant at first thinking she really hasn't found anything to self-soothe other than, well, ME - but then I had forgotten that she sings herself to sleep. Seriously - she will settle into this monotone hum until she falls asleep. We'll see how long Bella thinks this is cute of her new roommate. Once Anastasia gets words I have a feeling the new phrase of the day will be "stop singing and go to sleep, you two!"

So what do you think - is a haircut in order? I'll keep the polls open for a few days before posting the new pictures. Of course, it will take me that long to correct the imperfections that come from trying to cut a toddler's hair at home.