Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Eternal Fruit

"Lord, give our bodies restful sleep and let the work we have done today bear fruit in eternal life."
~Liturgy of the Hours, Night Prayer

This really struck a chord with me the other night after a particularly exhausting day. There are days when it seems my whole life is nothing more than diapers and cleaning up toys and washing the dishes. It can easily become frustrating if I lose sight, even for a moment, that this is the blessed vocation to which I have been called. I am raising saints. That's really what this is all about, and if I can perform the daily tasks with the joy of realizing this is the gift with which God has blessed me, it certainly goes easier.

The flip side to this is the challenge to make my days count. Am I living my life as a prayer to glorify God? Are my daily happenings working to build the kingdom of heaven?

I think I will edit this quote slightly and post it by my sink and let it become a morning offering, too.
"Lord, let the work I do today bear fruit in eternal life."