Thursday, October 9, 2008

Quick Bella Stories

This morning has been a lively one for us! Bella woke up happy after a full night's sleep, getting our day kicked-off to a cheerful, energetic start.

~We were looking through her alphabet book with her saying the names of the things she can (like Baby, Ball, Mama, dog...etc). When we reached the "Rabbit" page, she picks up her baby-doll and makes it hop, all the while saying "hop-hop-hop!"
~All that hopping must have made baby-doll thirsty because Bella sets her in the little chair and proceeds to feed her Bella's milk, while making that mock-drinking sound that we adults make when pretending. TOO CUTE!!!

~A few minutes later we're back to playing, when Bella turns and looks at me and plainly says "Mess" and grabs at her diaper. Very puzzled, I asked if she was messy and she wrinkles up her nose and sniffs! Sure enough, it was time for a diaper change! She is too smart for Mama.

~We LOVE dancing. With the music going I acquiesced to her request to be held, and we were dancing it up in the kitchen! She laughed and signed "more" each time I tried to stop. Now just to jeopardize your imagination's well-being, picture the scene - a very pregnant woman jitterbugging to some Buddy Holly and Elvis while holding the cutest little girl in the world. I believe this to be an underrated exercise routine; I was exhausted after a few songs!

Unfortunately for me, my computer is not in working order, so my ability to post pics and blog will be limited at least until this weekend when my live-in expert has a chance to fix it! In the meantime, I am still formulating a post I would love to write about St. Francis of Assisi (my Confirmation Patron), among others. Hopefully I'll get to that one of these days, too. Why is it that once the internet connection doesn't work there are great ideas for blogs?