Saturday, October 18, 2008

Apple Picking

In my humble opinion, apple picking represents the beauty of fall just about perfectly. From the hayride out to the orchard, to the smell and taste of the fresh fruit our day could not have gone better. We met our good friends at the orchard not far from our house. The setting was picturesque with the multicolored trees as a backdrop, and the air was just cool enough to be comfortable as we traipsed up and down the rows of apple trees.Isabella decided that she really likes apples after I found a very small one for her to hold. She carried it around protectively the rest of the time, munching as she went! She also hijacked Lucy's bucket and put a very large apple inside; I would have thought it too heavy, but little Miss Determination drug it around all by herself for a good while. After picking 120 pounds of apples... yes, you read that correctly, 120 lbs! we considered our quest complete. The good news is that we split that between the 2 families, AND the cost was only 99 cents per pound! That's still a lot of apples...

We have lots of apples in our immediate future. Patrick is making pie tonight (YAY!) - any other great ideas for us out there? I, myself, am already enjoying the simplicity of eating the fresh apples straight. Now there's a healthy pregnancy craving!


Maria said...

I can't believe you have a post and pictures up the same day. Impressive.

We made a very, very yummy apple crisp after we got home with our 60 pouds of apples!