Monday, October 27, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

Sunday was another perfect fall day, and we were happy to partake in another of those quintessential October traditions: pumpkin picking. I'm not sure exactly when or how it happened, but Isabella has become obsessed with pumpkins, second only to babies! I knew she would be thrilled, and I was right.

We met Bella's Godparents and family - Anthony, "Sosie" (Rosie), and "BABY" (Thomas) which course heightened the whole experience, as Anthony loves Bella, Bella loves Rosie, and everyone loves the 6 week old! It was a lot of fun seeing the kiddos all dressed up in costumes, from my Little Pumpkin to the sleeping Bee. We took a hayride behind a bona-fide tractor out to the patch, where Bella proceeded to touch almost every pumpkin she could. It was a slow walk.
After selecting the prized goods, we headed back, listening to Bella say "pupki" the whole way. She is very proud, indeed, of the one *she* selected.

There were a few animals there to pet, which caught Bella's attention quickly! She immediately clucked with the chickens, but was rather wary of the goats with their heads poking through the fence out to nuzzle her. She was oinking with the pigs until one started to nibble at her fingers (NOT bite, there was no pain involved). I learned that the substance lanolin comes from sheep wool - thanks, little lambs!

The walk through the corn maze was a first for several of us, and was quite the adventure letting the almost-4-year-old boy lead the way! Somehow we made it out before dark... in perfect time to see the large tractor just sitting there begging to be climbed on! In the company of good friends and cute kids, for what else could you possibly ask for a perfect day? The first thing Bella said to me bright and early Monday morning was "tactor?" and "Sosie?" and then said "tactor" all morning. Well, that is, until she saw her little "pupki" ...