Thursday, May 29, 2008

What a Weekend!

Blogging, my friends, seems to keep falling further and further down the list these days, and for that I apologize. Well, I apologize to anyone who has actually been missing it. I either have time OR energy, never both; today, however, lends itself to happiness and optimism, so here I am!

There's a place where incredibly busy meets incredibly fun, and that is where this weekend existed. Whew! Friday started with my brother Eric and his 2 kids (Danny 10, Ashley 6) showing up for him to get started on our retaining wall for our new backyard! YAY! It finally stopped raining long enough for him to excavate our useless patch of land and to build the wall. I think I will add pics to a separate post series when I get a chance. It was a very fun day that was capped off by the arrival of our friend Alexis (already excited from her success!) in time for weekly Pizza Night.

Saturday some friends from college got hitched right here in Frederick County, on a beautiful sunny day! The real bonus was seeing my best friend and roommate from college Robin, her husband/our friend John, and their TWIN BOYS! At 22 months they are just adorable and lots of fun. Busy would not even begin to describe their lives right now! (It was Robin's brother who got married. I guess that was the only way to finally get them out here for a visit after-all. ;-p ) We spent the majority of the reception outside, where there was nice of open grassy area and a fountain. Water+Toddlers="oops! catch him! grab her! there he goes again! No!" It was so funny, and of course the kids just loved it.

On Sunday John and Robin, Michael and Nicholas, came over to our house for several hours, which was great. It was definitely more relaxed; there was no fountain threatening our sanity! I think Bella thought she was seeing double - she LOVED watching them and following them, but kept giving them funny looks. Michael was especially attentive to Bella, at least once he got his nap. I really enjoyed the chance to see the boys and hang out with John and Robin - we miss them so much! Nothing is better than sitting around eating watermelon while laughing and joking with good friends. Hm, a few interesting stories from college history did manage to surface... What a blast!

Monday felt strangely quiet - Alexis and I sat and talked and played with Bella, Pat got some work done in the basement... Then suddenly we looked at the clock to discover that Alexis had to hurry to make it to the airport! It will be great to have them close to us in just 2 months! Yay!

After Isabella woke up from her nap we headed over for a BBQ at my folks' house, which was fun. My favorite part, I have to say, was the RIDE! Yup, I finally got back on my bike! It was perfect weather, and after the hectic weekend it was a wonderful opportunity to unwind and drink in the serenity and exhilaration of a good ride.

Well, there ya have it - my crazy weekend. I have been falling behind in the picture department again, too, and I will work on posting more of those. Hope everyone is having a good day and enjoying spring!


Christine said...

Sounds like you had a blast. I'm a bit jealous, but happy with what I'm doing down here too.