Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day

Mothers are HEROES. Plain and Simple. This is not an attempt to pat myself on the back, as I do fit into this category, but rather the desire to shout from the rooftops the love and respect that mothers deserve.

Isn't it funny the different opinions we have of our mothers as we grow up? Even in the best of mother-child relationships we go through stages where our outlook towards Mom changes. Think about it - at some point, to some degree, we all start questioning our mother's sanity. "Things were so different when she grew up, and while this may have worked back then in the 1800's... life is just different now." Some may go as far as to think Mom is just a clueless lunatic (always affectionately, right?). Then we start to grow up, and Mom is not as clueless as she used to be. As we have more and more life experiences, Mom becomes downright smart. Hopefully, with God's Grace, with age comes wisdom and perspective, and we begin to realize that, more than just "pretty smart," Mom is Superwoman.

Last year was my first Mothers' Day, as I was 7 months pregnant. I was already in love with my child and with being a mother. I knew this was God's awesome plan and that His choice for my life was perfect. This year, however, is my first mother's day seeing and holding a child in my arms. (and chasing her around the floor as she crawls up the stairs squealing with joy...) I have had a lot of time in the past 10 months to reflect on the joys and trials of motherhood (that I have known thus far), and not always self-centered! I have spent a lot of time thinking about how my Mom paced around the floor singing every lullaby ever written while we screamed at the top of our lungs. I have pictured the tender smile on her face as she nursed us, tracing her finger along our cheeks as I do with my own daughter. As my heart swells with joy at each new antic and game, I know that I share that feeling with my own mother - that although her experience was several years ago, she shares in the excitement of watching your first child grow and change.

Moms are always Moms - motherhood is permanent. When we found out we were expecting Isabella, I told Patrick "our lives will never be the same. No matter what happens, ever, we will always be parents." It is overwhelming to look into your child's eyes and realize that God has entrusted you with the care of His precious little one. Every day I pray that I don't screw it up, and I know that He gives me the grace not to. Each night I thank God for the gifts we received that day just through having a child.

So back to my original point: Mothers, Moms, Mommies, Mamas - are HEROES. They are not just sweet ladies who have kids. They are the ones who watch their Hearts exist on the outside of their bodies. Only a Mom can understand the reality of Motherhood, and No One ever lets it go. See that old grandma grinning at the little kids? She remembers her child's first smile, and her Heart is still not her own.

Go Hug your Mom and your Mother-In-Law. And to all you Moms, Happy Mother's Day!