Friday, May 16, 2008


I cannot think of a better way to mark my 100th post than to introduce Baby Tramma #2!!!

We are, of course, so excited. I told Patrick after my OB visit that I can get excited now that I know for sure I'm pregnant and we saw our little baby. It's as if I was doubting before, despite the extreme fatigue, morning sickness, disinterest in chocolate, and positive home test. Just call me Thomas. But now we have seen him/her, the little peanut, precious Baby! Praise God!

I was recalling my first sonogram with Isabella, about 11 weeks gestation. Although I could not feel anything, of course, the ultrasound showed a BUSY little Baby, kicking her legs furiously the entire time! Now I realize of course that she was just getting an early start, and she hasn't slowed down since! Baby #2 stretched his/her little hand and rolled over peacefully. Hhmmm, maybe God is indeed merciful... :) Or maybe we were interrupting a nap.

So three thoughts to share with you today:
1) There is only ONE baby in there.
2) Some of our friends have really cute nicknames for their unborn babies. "The Newest Trauma" just doesn't seem very sweet.
3) Can you believe that I have written 100 blog entries? Who knew that so much mindless drivel could exist, and that I would continue to post despite it all?

Enjoy your day!


Angela said...

Sara was known as "Seahorse" before she was born and Rachael was "Jellybean".

Alexis said...

Congrats on 100 post and on little Trauma! I still haven't reached 100, I don't know if I ever will :)

Patty Arnold said...

Oh so sweet!

Grace was "Ono"--not "Oh no!" but the Hawaiian word for "the best" since we honeymooned there. Joshua was "Shorty".

It is funny, I never would have thought I would do "womb names" but they really stuck. We were very faithful to them.