Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sing a Song of Spring

Ah, the joys of Spring - the singing birds that start their song at 5:30am, the longer days, where those last rays of sunlight get later and later, allowing for just that much more fun in a day. My favorite, though, is the changing weather; yes, there is something special about the guessing game that happens each morning as I get Bella and myself dressed (long sleeves? jeans for me, dress for her?) and the constant rain/sun/rain/sun that conjures up such amazing feelings... AAAAACCCCHHHOOOOOOOO! oh wait, it's just allergies.

Anyone who's been pregnant or been married to anyone pregnant knows that there is a very short list of medicines you are allowed to take. Anyone who has breastfed has encountered the same challenge; there are few medicines that are considered safe for nursing. Here's the real challenge, though - the two lists are DIFFERENT. Let me sum it up for you: I can't take a damn thing, except for Tylenol, Gas-X, and Tums! That Sudafed that helped me cope with allergies last year while pregnant? May interfere with milk production. That ibuprofen I had been enjoying for a headache? No good for Unborn Baby. AUGH!

Allow me to share with you the helpful, holistic solution to my conundrum. "For allergies, drink lots of water." This does not actually help a pregnant woman who already has to empty her bladder every 45 minutes. What this does, physically, is help loosen up all that mucous that is taking up residence in your sinuses. That's great for the congestion to a certain degree, but it does not do squat for the histamine response that is causing the congestion in the first place. Headache? I highly recommend Tylenol taken with a coke or coffee. The caffeine has a synergistic effect, which means that it chemically makes the acetaminophen work better. Anything else? Pick your favorite non-pharmacological method, like a cool shower, hot packs, prayer/meditation, closing all your windows and living like a hermit until growing season passes, and good luck!

I for one, am walking around with pockets-full of tissues and making Isabella laugh with all that funny sneezing.

P.S. If the above sounds in any way whiny or pathetic, go back, sprinkle generously with cynical humor, and it will make a lot more sense.


Alexis said...

Oh man, Kate. I can totally relate! I don't have allergies, thank God but I remember having the same outraged reaction the first time I got sick when I was pregnant with Anthony. I was like, are you kidding me? It is the 21st century and I can't take any relief for the common cold?! That is one of the suckiest parts of pregnancy for sure. And breastfeeding definitely makes it worse! Who knew!