Thursday, January 17, 2008

Nightly Contemplations

Isabella has not exactly been sleeping well the past.. 5 months. Really, the past few weeks have been especially difficult, although for the life of me I have not figured out why. If I knew, we'd be sleeping! I'm more than a little sleep-deprived, as most moms can identify! So last night, laying in bed waiting for the crying to begin:

"I'm just getting discouraged about ever sleeping again. No, really I'm fine, I'm just overtired and I get irrational when I'm tired. Don't answer that. You know, every night I go to bed praying for the grace to embrace each night and beg God to multiply my sleep. I really think He should do that for all new moms. After-all, He gave some of the convent-dwelling saints that gift, why shouldn't we get it? But I keep asking for His grace to make it through another night... He must give it to me, you know, as I do wake up having made it through another night. You know, this would be a great opportunity for spiritual growth in how much I need God's grace each and every day. But you know what? I'm too tired for spiritual growth. He needs to check back when I'm less sleep deprived." zzzzzzzz

You will note that this was a monologue - Patrick was snoring by the end.


Christine said...

"This too will pass." It will before you know it, and suddenly your little baby will a big girl and you'll miss it. But I'll admit I remember those days where you feel like your simply moving through a haze, and dreading night time because of the agony it would bring me.

I used to tell myself that I would offer it up and say a rosary or 2 or 3 while the baby was awake and I wasn't sleeping. More often however I wouldn't be able to accomplish any of that b/c I was incoherent.

The best way to survive that I remember is to let everything else go and sleep when the baby sleeps - at least lie down and close your eyes for a while or read in hopes of falling asleep. At least you only have 1 child right now - so you can sleep whenever she does. It doesn't work so well when your oldest child won't even take quiet time so there's no chance to sleep during the day.

Maria said...

Man, this monolouge seems vaguely familiar...

Oh, I remember having the same one about a thousand times myself. :)