Friday, January 29, 2010

Quick Takes

Nesting needs to happen in the 2nd trimester. Every time darling Hubby desires to converse about a project on which we had previously agreed needed to be done it causes his otherwise logical, level-headed wife to totally, uh, spaz-out. Looking around my house right now is a stressful, sweat-inducing event for me, but I have little motivation to do anything about it. I need that driven energy of nesting NOW. Otherwise when the desire and motivation hit me, my body will say "Yeah Right, fatso - you go right ahead but I'm stayin' here on the couch."

We have had colds all week, complete with phlegm-vomiting toddlers at 3am. (This is where Dave Barry would point out that "Phlegm-Vomiting Toddlers" would be a great name for a rock band.) We seem to be over the ucky-feeling part, and instead I am just chasing noses all day. Not too bad, considering those noses are attached to the children I have to chase anyways.

Are you ready for some brutal honesty??? I haven't put away all my Christmas stuff yet. Disclaimer: this was NOT intentional. No, I was ready the weekend after Epiphany this year, which is a little early for me but I was ready. Instead, see #1 for commentary on my motivation lately. The worst part is that my husband is waiting *patiently* to put it all away in the attic, and he doesn't want to start until it's all ready. I don't blame him, but in the meantime we are still finding stray ornaments hiding under the couch which prompts Bella to ask all over again where is her Christmas tree. Hey, at least that's put away! Baby Jesus is still very patiently sitting on the end-table though.

I need to plan some family time on weeknights a little better, I think. We have been on the go so much lately that even Bella is asking to stay home instead of see people. We need a few nights per week that are just for family time. Not that I mind having things to do and people to see, but we need some good quality time around here, too. That could also help explain my exhaustion level lately and why nothing is in order around the house. Hhhmmm, it's all becoming clear. I also know that eating dinner and playing as a family will help us appreciate having friends to see the other nights!

Funny Anastasia story for today: Bella went to sleep for nap while Anastasia was still happily playing. I took advantage of the time to start the pizza dough in the mixer and try to scrub the kitchen. Then the deafening silence reached my ears, and my brain was struck by the unmistakable concern that ensues when Mama realizes that no one has been tugging on her legs for the past several minutes. I found her in her sleeping sister's room, tugging on the blankets trying desperately to get her sister to wake up and play with her. Bella was unmoved, thankfully!

With Baby #3 on the way, we are starting to think about an upgrade in vehicle. I mean, just an upgrade in size; let's get real. I found Margaret's post about her 15-passenger van particularly amusing when she talks about how they bought in while expecting #5. (sorry for the mistype, Margaret!) Uh, I'm hoping to hold off a little longer before trading in for the schoolbus model... So, when did you realize your family had outgrown the smaller model, and what do you love or hate about your upgrade/upsize? At the rate we're going (3 kids in as many years) a regular minivan should last us another solid good 2 years! *faints*

I desperately want more snow. The big snow hit while we were in California enjoying the sunshine, and after we returned we had one opportunity to go sledding. Bella loved it so much and keeps commenting "We don't have any snow anymore!" The irony? We are supposed to be hit with snow/a wintry mix tomorrow morning - the one day of the weekend that we have to drive an hour down to VA.

Jen has more Quick Takes for your enjoyment, including a pretty funny one about English Tea, so go check them out!


Margaret in Minnesota said...

Thank you for the link, Kate! A wee correction: we actually bought a Honda Odyssey while expecting #3. We got the 15-passenger when we were expecting #5.

The Honda Odyssey seemed HUGE at the time! And now I sigh to think how easy (comparatively) it was to maneuver. :)

Kate said...

Sorry Margaret! Thanks for pointing it out, now corrected :) I learned to drive in a conversion van, but would still like that "small" step first!

Jenny said...

We moved up to the "Catholic Cadillac" only after we knew we were expecting #6, not one kid before! Denial, maybe?? It was either a 12 passenger van or a Suburban. The Sub would only fit us, no friend, extra family or even a coke. So we went with the van and have enjoyed it ever since!