Tuesday, January 5, 2010

How Does One Catch Up?

When it has been this long since I last wrote I find myself overwhelmed by the story possibilities. Where do I begin? Do I start recounting tales of Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Christmas, plane rides, New Year's? Do I sum up the atmosphere with another round of "Quotable Quotes?" And what to do about the random thoughts tumbling about in my head with no outlet other than my poor over-talked husband - such as the strange, friendly black guy on the plane home, or the irritating fact that radio stations start playing Christmas music before Thanksgiving but then drop it at Midnight on the 26th? I find the task laying before me daunting.

Because this is somewhat of my baby book for the girls I try to update as many stories as possible. Because this is also my writing outlet, I would like to put a teensy-weensy amount of thought and effort into those stories. Because I have 2 crazy toddlers under my care, neither of those seem to happen regularly. And therein lies my blogging dilemma - How do I balance my desire to write with the time involved? The sheer volume of topics would keep me glued to my computer indefinitely, but I hear that kids need to eat every day, too.

I will be posting pictures and quick stories to update, and as usual end up falling back on quickies to get the job done. Maybe once I catch up.... hahahaha, okay okay, at least when I have covered a few key events I'll try my hand at writing again and see what happens.

For now I'm going to bed - those 2 little distractions, uh, Darlings, will be up and ready for my attention early!