Thursday, January 28, 2010

Christmas in California

While I am aware that it is the end of January and no one is actually interested in Christmas-related stories and pictures anymore, I am posting anyway. The girls had such an incredible time, and since I've been falling behind on the baby books also this is my way to compensate. Enjoy!

Vegas, Baby!

Patrick's sister lives in Vegas, a mere 4 hr drive, and we were thrilled to get the chance to see her and have her finally meet the kids! She thoroughly spoiled Bella by planning a trip to the Mirage's Secret Garden where both girls fell in love with the dolphins, but also loved the white tigers. I'm not sure how much Bella liked being that close to the lion, though.

We toured several of the famous hotel/casinos and really enjoyed the unique decor. Even the girls enjoyed all the walking/stroller-riding and the sights and sounds. P.S. Aunt Joelle, Bella is still sleeping with M&M Guy ad Fairy Bear.

Our special Christmas present from Patrick's folks was a trip to Desert Hot Springs and a great family-friendly resort. Bella LOVED swimming!!! Anastasia relaxed in the warm water as if she was reminiscing... There are also ducks and black swans to feed, peacocks and plenty of running space. It was wonderfully relaxing for all of us, which is pretty impressive with 2 toddlers running around!

Christmas morning may have started out slowly thanks to 2 overtired babes, but with a little milk and snuggle time soon we were ready to check out the loot Santa left! It did not take long for Anastasia to get the hang of what was unfolding - er, unwrapping. Bella would unwrap a present, exclaim over it dramatically and enthusiastically, and then hand it to Anastasia. Both girls really liked this program!

As always, the best part of our vacation is seeing family. Bella is old enough to really remember family members, and had a fantastic time with cousins Drew and Demi, and still talks incessantly about them! She also had a great time playing guitar with Uncle John, and lots of snuggle and play time with her Gram and great-grandmas. One of the funniest stories from the trip was singing karaoke with Uncle Tony and Aunt Simone. Yes, we all participated. Perhaps they learned their lesson! Bella and Anastasia both LOVED it! They both enjoyed the dancing with the music, and Bella sang "Rudolph" into the microphone, declining any help!