Friday, April 3, 2009

Quick Takes 8

Hello Friday! Praise God, we made it through another week of sick little girls. Well, Bella is better with just lingering rhinorrhea. Poor little Anastasia has earned the nickname of Whining Puppy given her congested little squeaking. We are going to start growing tropical plants in Bella's room with this constant use of the humidifier; it's seriously a rain forest in there.
R.I.P., Mr. Laptop. My computer officially died - completely, no resurrection possible. My Darling Husband stayed up one night until midnight fiddling with it, but for naught. For the past several weeks, maybe a few months, I have complaining about the darn thing, but of course now I miss it. Currently I am relegated to using an even older laptop to save myself the peril of facing Hubby's office (not-so-affectionately called "The Dungeon" - get the picture?) I am very grateful, of course. Never mind the fact that it it slower than molasses in winter. Nope, I am one grateful person, who will be even happier when we save up to buy a new one. :)
Anastasia started reaching for things this week! I love the developmental changes in infants, as they are so fast and exciting! The good news is that she does not seem interested in wiggling and moving all that much, and is instead content to lie still smiling, babbling, and watching the world around her. Soon enough she will face the fact that movement may be necessary for survival, but until then I'm thrilled.
Is anyone else sick and tired of the weather we're having in schizophrenic MD? Yesterday was supposed to be sunny and warm according to the infallable (haha!) meteorologists, and instead was damp and nasty with the shortest break in the clouds during nap time. Today started out with a beautiful thunderstorm, and now (nap time again!) is sunny and WARM!
Patrick is quick to remind me that this is par for the course in lovely Maryland, but that doesn't mean I have to like it.
Bath Time Lessons: A child needs only a cup and spoon to be thoroughly entertained for 35 minutes. Today Bella asked for a spoon while she was in the bath, which was a first. I must have asked the poor child to repeat herself 5 times before I understood that she really was requesting a spoon out of the blue like that. No, we don't usually have utensils in the bath, but whatever. She "mixed" and "stirred" (her words) and ate the bubbles. Now she's been washed inside and out. Bath time is a pretty happy time in our house, and boy did we all need that this morning. Anastasia needed the humidity, Bella needed the soap, and Mama needed a break in the tears. An activity that solves all 3 problems is pure genius!
I am still reading Fire Within by Fr. Thomas Dubay. I know, I started it months ago, but this is serious reading that I need to make more time for. As it is I get to read a little bit about once a week, usually for about an hour, sometimes two. It's slow progress, but it's absolutely worth it. This is the second book I've read by Fr. Dubay (Deep Conversion, Deep Prayer being the first) and I read it thinking he's speaking directly to my soul. Oh how I desire the closeness with Our Lord as described by the saints! Oh how far I have to go!
Actually, that's all I can think about right now. I am going to implement an idea from a friend and write thoughts on sticky-notes throughout the week as to about what I would like to blog so that by Friday I will remember what was interesting but not deserving of a whole post. That is, after all, what these quick takes are for, right?


Domanda3 said...

We love bathtime at our house too! Sorry you little darlings have been sick. That is so hard. Hope they get better and back to there beautiful selves soon. For your sake!