Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy Easter!

Alleluia! Indeed He Is Risen!
In this blog of old news, I'm glad that some things, no matter how tardy I am in posting, are never old news. Thanks be to God for the glory of the Resurrection!

Although I approached Easter Vigil Mass with some trepidation, as Bella is not, per say, the quietest toddler out there and a 2.5 hour Mass will push anyone's patience, grace was overflowing that night; not only did my brother and his girlfriend join us, but Isabella was absolutely wonderful. No, there is no other way to put it; she was pleasant ad patient and playful, and chatty. Note, I did not say she was quiet, I simply said she was exceptionally well-behaved for the time frame with which we were working.

Easter morning was cozy, as Bella was still tired enough from the late night to sleep in... in
between Mama and Daddy! She snuggled right up and went back to sleep; Anastasia was also fast asleep beside me. It was a “snuggle bed” as Bella calls it.

The post-slumber haze was shook quickly when she discovered the contents of her Easter basket! Nothing says "Happy Easter Morning" like jelly beans and Smarties!

After nap we headed to my folks' for more festivities. Bella turned out to love the Easter egg hunt, especially once she discovered they opened to reveal chocolate!

Itried to get get cute posed pics, but to no avail. Seems they simply wanted to keep playing; imagine that.

Happy Easter!


Christine said...

That last picture is priceless with them both in the basket. Posed or not, the girls look great. I should give you a call one of these days.