Sunday, November 25, 2007

New Christian

Today we welcomed our niece and Goddaughter Rachael Ann into the Church through Baptism! What a beautiful day!

Isn't Baptism amazing??? The first time I attended an Easter Vigil, my sophomore year in college, I was struck by the excitement exhibited by the congregation in welcoming the new Catholics. Wow, it's really awesome that these people are now part of the Body of Christ, free from the stain of original sin! Praise God! This past Easter my sister-in-law was baptized and welcomed into the Catholic Church; it was awesome! Perhaps this was the first time that I really took time to meditate on what it means to choose to become Catholic - not just choosing to remain Catholic, a daily choice to follow Christ, but rather to study the Faith and choose to become Catholic.
Several friends have told me that their own awe-inspiring moments regarding Baptism was with their own child. I couldn't agree more! When Isabella was baptized I experienced indescribable joy. To hold this precious infant you are SO in love with, and to witness her becoming a saint. Behold you are beautiful, my pure and spotless lamb. No flaw, no stain of sin. God's graces just overflowing! WOW!

"The slightest degree of sanctifying grace contained in the soul of an infant after baptism is more precious than the natural good of the entire universe, all angelic natures taken together included therein; for the least degree of sanctifying grace belongs to an enormously superior order, to the order of the inner life of God, which is superior to all miracles and to all outward signs of divine revelation." St. Thomas