Thursday, November 8, 2007

What do you do all day?

This question was posed to me this evening, and made me stop and think once again about my *new* state of life as a stay-at-home mom. After reflecting upon this question caused me to both smile and cringe, I decided to share. Of course no 2 days are completely alike...

0715, roll over to the sweet sounds of coos and raspberries. God truly blessed me in having a daughter who is such a morning person. Otherwise I may never get out of bed! We get up, change and feed the baby. pppprrrbbbbbb. Change the baby again. Shower for Mama while Bella plays in the fish seat. Peek around the shower curtain multiple times, talking my way through the shower in a silly voice to keep her happy. Hurry off to Mass, in a tiny little country chapel where I bounce Bella and listen to the lady behind me whisper to her way too often, and then get up and stand in the back when she starts to scream - usually right in the middle of the Consecration. At the kiss of peace, I notice the aroma of my latest perfume, Eau du Baby Vomit. Isabella falls alseep on the way home, and sneaking a peek in the mirror gives me an opportunity to say a prayer of thanksgiving for her life. Make mental note to change vomit-washed shirt.
Manage to get baby inside fast asleep, feeling proud of my mad skills. Trip over baby toy on the floor, Bella wakes up. Shocker. ppprrrbbbbbb...wwwaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!! Scoop up Baby, change, snuggle, time to eat again. Gaze lovingly at my peaceful angel OUCH! she's experimenting with her jaw. Toss Bella on the floor to play, who is happy and smiling! So of course I lay right next to her, watching her stretch those muscles and make fun baby noises. Life is good. After a while I think this would be a good time to be productive, so off to the kitchen. One dish later - ggggrrrrraaahhhhhhh! A mad girl has turned herself away from the toy and is very very angry with the world. We walk up and down the steps until she is calm. Swaddle and nap. I get to check my email! A cup of hot tea, boot up the laptop, and notice that I still smell like baby vomit. Up and change the shirt. I get to laughing at my favorite blogs, of course!
When Bella wakes up we change and play and talk and of course nurse again. We bounce and laugh and bblllleeehhh... change both of our outfits again! More floor time, more smiles! Phone ringing coincides with Bella's temper tantrum, easily solved with a new toy, What have I eaten today?
Wow! It's only NOON!!!


Christine said...

Kate, thanks so much for sharing. Don't worry the vomiting and massive pooping should slow down after 6 months.

What a great day! Espeically when you fit in Mass

Kate said...

lol, I love *almost* every minute of it! I don't care how many diapers or shirts we go through in a day. Besides, what else did I ever do before her???

Jennifer @ Conversion Diary said...

Isn't that question so funny! Now that I have three kids ages three and under I don't get asked that I ask that of my friends who work: "What do YOU do all day?" :)

Great blog!