Sunday, November 4, 2007


I really enjoy Halloween; I get the biggest kick out of seeing the kiddies all dressed up as a parade of superheroes, animals, characters, bugs, and objects. Extra points for homemade creativity! Our neighborhood gets a lot of kid-traffic, and we spend a lot of time just sitting outside enjoying the show and contributing to the year's biggest sugar-high. This year, having a daughter, made me think of which costumes get extra points and which ones Isabella will never wear. Ever. If it's not a baby mermaid then no middrift should be showing. Period.

I did not actually bring Isabella around for candy, but I did dress her up in a costume like a little doll and carry her around for people to admire with Sara and Rachael. The plus was that it was a cool evening, which means she did not end up a *hot* chili pepper... although she is never a *mild* one, either!! The costume did not last very long - better luck next year!

The costume came from cousin Drew (I wish I had a pic to post, that would be cute!), and Gram thought it would be perfect for the child of the Mama who made it through the first trimester on hot peppers. lol.

Later in the evening, after an unsucessful attempt at a nap (for Bella!) while trick-or-treaters were coming around, Pat and Connie made cream puffs. mmmm.... the good news is that the bowl of candy held no appeal to me. The bad news is that cream puffs are not on any weight loss program. "Eat, drink, and be merry, and tomorrow I will still be on a diet." But that night (and breakfast the next morning) there were yummy creams puffs to be had! Yum! As Pat was making his mom do all the actual work while he just dictated, his hands were free to scoop Bella up onto his shoulders for her first shoulder ride! She was pretty content up there, espcially once she discovered just how close Daddy's fingers were to chomp on! It was pretty silly to see such a small girl so high up there!

On November 1st we went to Mass at my nieces and nephews' school. A different show of costumes, as the 4th grade class were all dressed as saints and processed in to the sung litany of the saints. It was so precious :) My nephew Danny was St. Peter, with the largest key (made by his daddy) I've ever seen. So that morning he was the first pope, a martyr, the night before he was a Star Wars fighter. I love boys.


Christine said...

How sweet. I love her costume - and yumm...cream puffs. Your diet can definitely wait - MIL's are only in town so long. We should be up for Thanksgiving - hopefully y'all will be around too?