Monday, March 1, 2010

Quotable Quotes

I think it may be time to let Patrick get ahold of my computer and clean it up/out. Everytime I try to open my picture file, say to post pictures to the blog, it freezes up and forgets what we were doing. Maybe one too many head injuries from being bounced on the floor by Anastasia-Saurus, but I'm hoping the amnesia is more related to program-overload or something else easy to fix. Anyway, that's the biggest obstacle to blogging lately, as almost all of my stories have pictures to accompany them and I can't do anything about it. Interesting that the computer is the obstacle and not the kids. We've actually settled into a nice rhythm around here again (soon to be interrupted and require overhaul again, I'm sure).

I'm tying my sneakers -
Patrick: "Wow, not too much longer you'll be able to do that!"
Me: "I don't need help yet, thank you." (slightly offended that thought crossed his mind when I have a few months left to go!)
Patrick: "It doesn't matter, by the time you reach that point it will be summer and you can just wear thongs!"
... uh, ... ...

Sometimes the best quotes are actually a matter of toddler pronunciation.

What we heard: "Papa drunk again."
What she actually said: "Pop the trunk again." (she liked the automatic button my mom had, but the best part was that my dad had just pulled up outside!)

We all have those song lyrics we misunderstood for years and sang wrong...

Singing a favorite song: "Mimi in JAIL!!! Mimi in JAIL!!!"
Actual lyrics: "PB&J! PB&J!" (it's a whole song about Peanut butter and jelly, circa 1970something.)


Karen Shiffler said...

I can still tie my shoes!!