Friday, March 19, 2010

Quick Takes

The Mommy's musings edition:


Daylight Savings Time is the one day of the year that you are thankful to sleep in until 7am simply because the clock says 8am, but the rest of the day you go around wondering why your body is not nearly as thankful as your mind is.


Does anyone else have a paper towel budget? No, really, this thought honestly crosses my mind with frightening regularity. Such as on a given morning when I had used 8 paper towels in the span of 10 minutes for 8 separate messes!!! I'm the kind of person who buys the cheap paper towels and still rips them in half whenever possible. To use so many paper towels so quickly causes me to wonder just how much money we're spending on letting Anastasia try to feed herself.


The idea of sanitizing the toilet brush and plunger does not cross most people's minds; however, there is nothing like watching the 15 month old walk out of the bathroom with one in each hand that brings up the overwhelming urge to Clorox everything in sight.


I have been looking through some old pictures from my college days. There are so many opportunities to laugh, and to be thankful for the wonderful friendships that I still enjoy. It's always fun to look at friends who were dating, or not dating yet, and are now married with a bunch of kids. Also, there is nothing quite like letting a big ol' pregnant woman with 2 toddlers look at pictures from a time when she did not look atrocious in that bikini. Smiling at a picture from when Patrick and I were dating, I asked Bella who was in the picture. Her response? "I don't know!? Who is that?"


It haD been a really long time since we had a date night. A really long time. The on Tuesday my darling husband suggested we use those coupons and actually get out by ourselves. We dropped the girls at my mom's and thoroughly enjoyed a blissful 2 hours all to ourselves. In fact, we drove my mom's nice car with the satellite radio taking our time, leisurely sat through an adult dinner conversation, and were all-too-happy to run an errand for my mom on the way home. All. By. Ourselves. Thanks, Honey!

One of the Lenten sacrifices to which I felt called was
Adoration. I cannot even begin to express the benefits I have reaped from this time of quiet, intimate prayer with Our Lord! If you need to find God in the "gentle breeze", His "soft whisper" to your soul, then there is no better place.


I am in possession of a maternity mini-skirt. Now with that lovely image in your mind... Happy Weekend!

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Christine said...

Kate, just reading your quick takes makes me smile. I love you so much!!!! I don't buy paper towels or napkins b/c I thought they were such a waste of money, I just have a huge stack of cloth napkins and towels. I don't know why they make maternity mini skirts, even though if you're wearing it you probably look hot. Just be sure to wear it with your thongs (flip flops);).

Jenny said...

A friend was wearing a maternity dress,that grew shorter and shorter as the pregnancy progressed. (Not immodest, just a touch above the knee) Being winter, she also wore boots. At one point we laughed that she looked like a go-go dancer gone bad!

Ute said...

No. 3: Having a two year old and a one year old myself, our toilet brushes are stored up high on the overhead cabinets... not my preferred location, but better than seeing my one year old mistaking them for a tooth brush!

No. 5: Good for you! *sigh* I could use that myself!

Found you through Conversion Diary, and I'm glad I did! I love the way you are telling the story of your family!

Karen said...

We buy paper towels, but I try to use our washcloth from dishes to clean up messes. I use paper towels when I'm using cleaners to clean up messes. (like 409 or Lysol)

And I hate maternity dresses just because they are so short and it makes me feel awkward. (I like my dresses to go past my knees.) That and I don't like the maternity panty-hose I found because for whatever reason they thought it would be a good idea to make the top of it really tight. Blah. NOT comfy.