Friday, May 15, 2009

Quotable Quotes

Bella, upon waking in the morning and hearing her baby sister crying downstairs: "I need to go see Anastasia. I need to make Anastasia happy."

She has been gaining a lot of confidence lately with regards to climbing and going down slides, largely in part to her fearless cousin Rachael, and at the park last weekend Bella climbed right up to the tallest slide and sits down without a second thought. I raced to the bottom, knowing full-well that she was not going to be as enthusiastic after the fact. She lands at the bottom on her back, looks up at me and very seriously says "not again."

Bella fell in love with the "merry-round-and-round" at the park, saying "I dizzy", laughing, and then "again round and round again!"

On a happy Saturday morning, Patrick took both girls to Mass and let Mama sleep. I vaguely remember him telling Bella "ssshhh, Mama's sleeping." When they returned Bella looked at me and asked "have good nap, Mama?"

Stooped down with her hand just 6 inches from her furry crawling friend, "come, pateciller!" You can imagine how well that worked.

Bella successfully used the potty yesterday after bath, and received 3 M&Ms, which I placed back on the counter and returned upstairs to bathe Anastasia. I turned a few moments later to the sound of a gentle thump coming up the stairs, and the proceeding sight of Bella with the whole 3 lb bag! "I can reach counter!" When Daddy asked her about her special treat, she echoed the same response as her reason for receiving M&Ms.


Christine said...

Kate, these are so cute! Thanks for sharing!