Saturday, January 17, 2009

Lost, Lost

"Lost, Lost... I've lost my marbles."
-Tootles in Hook

"Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most."

Right now, the thing I miss the most is my camera. How, I ask you, is a mother to survive each day with the two most precious girls if I have no camera with which to capture their beauty? Well, somehow I am. Instead of scrambling for a camera each time Anastasia smiles I am just calmly enjoying it. The loss of the camera is also preventing the ongoing battle with Isabella in which I scramble to hide the camera from her before her grubby little fingers goop up my lens. There's a lot of scrambling on a daily basis, come to think of it...

Of course, I could probably blame Bella for the loss in the first place. She has been known to snag interesting items and gleefully run around pretending with them while Mama's brain is otherwise occupied... say with reading blogs or consuming coffee. That wouldn't be entirely fair, though. Maybe I should blame the unnamed person who has been piling everything on the kitchen counters for days. Man, that person is really cramping my otherwise perfectly clean and organized style. Obviously I would always know where my camera is, with everything in the house in perfect order. I would certainly never let unfinished projects and un-filed mail balance precariously in towers that threaten to topple in an avalanche of papers and plastic containers. Nope, that of course is not me.

I will find that little gnome of disorder and evict him (but then again, where would I go?), but in the meantime, no pictures.


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