Monday, January 26, 2009


Last Tuesday our country witnessed yet another historical moment for our Nation. If I take a moment to cut through my own cynicism I am happy to say that once more I am proud of our country's democracy.

We saw once again a peaceful transfer of power. How many countries of the world can only dream of a government in which there is such respect for the outgoing administration? I was proud to see 4 former Presidents present at the ceremony to swear-in the people's choice for Commander in Chief. This is the beauty of democracy - no bloodshed, no disgrace, no use of force. Regardless of personal feelings, they shake hands as former President Bush leaves for home, and President Obama stays.

As I watched the excitement enveloping the crowd, I thought about how far our country has come and how quickly - it was a great triumph over injustice, a great testament to the triumph of human dignity. I thought about the hope that comes with each change of administration, for both those that support the incoming administration, as well as the hope of those who face a great challenge with the change of ideals.

I did not support Barack Obama in the election. I certainly do NOT agree with his policies, priorities, or moral programs. I have my concerns about the direction our Nation is heading, especially with him at the helm. Nevertheless, when I watched him emerge from the building I saw... a man. Not a savior, not even a powerful leader. He will never be the former and he will have to prove himself the latter. But what I did see was a man who believes that he is doing what is right; he believes he is fulfilling a need for the American people. And I respect him as President of the United States.

More than anything we must pray for him. President Obama faces great challenges, as do his wife and daughters. One look at any former President after their term will tell you that this is a draining, difficult job, and that they need our prayers. Our Country faces a great deal of "change" - let us all pray that it is for the advancement of the dignity of each and every human being, and that our new President leads our country with wisdom, fortitude, and respect.