Friday, September 19, 2008

Quirky Me

A while ago people were blogging about silly, harmless, little-known facts about themselves. I learned so many amusing things about my friends that I decided to finally do it myself. Keep in mind that this is not a confessional - these are just silly little quirks to make you feel a little more normal.

1) I have an art notebook that no one has ever seen except for one of my college roommates. I love to doodle and sketch, and have a book with many in them. I used both pencils and pastels (terrible for a notebook but I didn't care) and my subjects were anything from tattoo designs to spiritual images to fruit on my desk. I found art relaxing and stress-relieving, something vital to a nursing student! I also used to color in a coloring book when I talked to my boyfriend (now husband) while he lived in Italy.

2) I have a persistent desire to be multi-lingual. I have studied 3 foreign languages and speak none fluently, but I love them nonetheless. One year for my birthday Patrick got me a Rosetta Stone course and I really enjoyed, with great hopes to return to it. When I was a little girl I pretended to speak French. I still practice my French and Italian in private, and I have added the desire for a basic knowledge of sign language.

3) I am very opinionated and blunt, but in my quest to be more tactful and respectful toward others I often find myself resorting to silence. I pray constantly for a balance - the ability to express myself clearly and with conviction, while avoiding offending the person to whom I am speaking. I think that's really it - I am so "afraid" of offending with my words that I sometimes just avoid them entirely. I always seem to think of the right way to have verbalized after the fact.

4) My feet are painfully ticklish. No, seriously, I can't get a foot massage or a pedicure, and I have to wear socks to bed so the sheets don't tickle my feet. I do not find it funny at all when people touch my feet; it's one of the things that consistently ticks me off.

5) I love being outdoors in almost any type of weather, except cold rain/freezing rain. I love walking in warm summer rain, the hush of fresh-fallen snow, the crunch of autumn leaves. I am amazed by the beauty of the sky almost every day. I am such a nature lover, and would rather see the stars every clear night and have to drive farther for conveniences than to live in the city/suburbs.

6) My only real, true fear in life is snakes. (I wish I could say sin, but I am not virtuous enough to get the chills at the mere thought.) I really do get chills at the mere thought of snakes, and sometimes even have nightmares. Nothing else actually scares me like that, even things that are much more prolific/realistic/dangerous.

7) My MIL called me schizophrenic because the shapes have to be put away properly on the kid's shape sorter, but I have clutter on my end-tables. I get stressed out if my kitchen is dirty, but there is no rhyme or reason to my closet/shelves/drawers. I live a constant internal contradiction between wanting to be organized and pulled together, and just enjoying the chaos.

I know your lives are just that much more fulfilled now, right? At least I hope they made you smile and realize just what a NUT with whom you've chosen to associate yourself.