Saturday, September 6, 2008


Twenty-Seven years ago today my parents welcomed me into the world, and God gave me my first breath of air.

Thank You, Mom and Pops for the gift of Life, for loving me, and for giving me such a wonderful childhood.

Lord, please give me the grace to continue to grow closer to You, to use the gifts you have given me in humility and wisdom, and bless my parents for their sacrifices in being parents.


Alexis said...

congratulations! You've arrived. Having been a 27 year old for 2 months now I can assure you that it's a good experience overall. Of course, everytime someone asks me how old I am I respond with confidence that I'm 28. I don't know why I do that.

Sheila said...

Alexis, you are too funny. Kate congrats on joining the rest of us in our 27th years. Alexis is right, it is not so bad. Of course it is a lot more exciting when you having a little one coming to join you and help celebrate all future birthdays. Love you sweety.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birfday!!! I was on the best vacation ever, but a belated card should be on its way mmmm.... pretty soon.

We have lots of Agape birthdays around this time!

Love, Steph B.

Angela said...

I enjoyed spending part of your birthday with you! We are looking forward to a great time a Mealey's very soon :)