Monday, September 17, 2012


Hello? Hello? Anyone home? 

I think I'm coming back. I miss writing in my little corner of the blogosphere. I also miss watching for comments, and connecting with other people across the net. I think of a hundred things about which to write every week, but the actual sitting down time is just not happening around here lately.

See, I have FOUR KIDS now, and while that's not many for some families, the number 4 seems to have caught us quite off guard.  Oh don't get me wrong, he's PERFECT in every way.  I think just the adjustment to 4 has been different then we expected, and so it took a little longer to pick my head up this time.

Before Andrew was born we used to joke that after Joey this baby would be easy!  "We'll take colic if all major organs are intact!" With this perspective, having Andrew has been easy. We are all together, and he's almost 5 months and his heart hasn't stopped once! YAY! :)  It's just the normal transition of having another baby is taking longer.  So we'll be patient  - with ourselves and those around us. We're learning about the new family dynamic right within our own home, which has been wonderful and challenging, and the new dynamic with those around us as well.

And I have SO much to write about!  Homeschooling! Cooking! Finding my living room floor! Becoming a Lay Carmelite! Chasing that toddler BOY! What I do with all my spare time! How delusional I am! 

So if there's anyone still visiting this humble little corner, stop in and say hello. I'm here. Really.


Patrick said...

Yay! Good to see you back online!

Christine said...

Always happy to see you posting and listen to your thoughts. I'd say we should stay up all night some night and talk like we did in college (all the kids would eventually fall asleep), but I don't think we'd be able to cope with the next day.:)

Angela said...

You had more than 5 minutes to sit down....and you didn't fall asleep! You actually wrote in complete sentances! I am so proud/jealous!