Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Bedtime Epic

The clock ticks mercilessly despite the desperate pleas for 5 more minutes. And then there's the kids' pleas, too! The denial is quickly followed by the bargaining, and they are some tough negotiators. Once they have accepted that their negotiations have failed, they stealthily employ the Delay Tactics. "Will you read 3 stories tonight, Daddy?" "I want Mama to brush teeth and sing tonight." Ah, this the the Bedtime Quicksand. Mama and Daddy fall for it almost every night, and the girls think they have won the victory. Little do they realize that this small battle was easily surrendered, as Mama and Daddy love losing this particular battle. More hugs, one more song, one more little chance to hear a girly giggle.

Victory remains in question, as the Opponents are losing steam quickly; both sides fight overwhelming fatigue. The ever-persistent chatter belies the sleepiness, but the Eyelid Flutter and the Looming Shadow of Sleep are creeping in for the take-over. Behind the closed doors two sisters sing and read for a few more minutes, Music to a Mama's ears despite my own exhaustion. Then, At last, VICTORY is MINE!

Oh wait, and then the baby wakes up.