Wednesday, May 12, 2010


We did it! The Best Friends are Roommates now! The girls are now successfully sharing a room, faster and easier than I could have imagined. Actually, the suddenness of the move was due to the pure desperation of sickness a few nights ago. After Patrick was up with Anastasia coughing every 15 minutes for almost 2 hours he decided she needed the humidity just as much as Bella. Besides, it couldn't get any worse. We only have one humidifier so he cleared out the extra crib (still assembled in Bella's room) and moved her. They did fantastic. Bella woke up upset once which disturbed Anastasia but only momentarily, and I don't think any of Anastasia's whimpers bothered Bella one bit.

Night number 2 went pretty much the same, but with more coughing, sadly. Neither of the girls slept well, but it was independent of one another. Neither Patrick nor I slept well either, of course. Sometimes it might be easier if their wakings overlap. If they have to wake up, that is.

Last night, number 3, was the best night's sleep any of us have gotten in almost a week! Bella was undisturbed by either of Anastasia's brief wakings, and we all woke much more rested today. I refuse to darken my optimism with the realization we will likely still have our share of trials; instead, I am choosing to focus my attention on the huge victory of overcoming the initial hurdle. We have many years of adjusting to life's stages, I'll just take this one right now.


Ute said...

Great! Glad to hear it went smoothly. Sometimes I think it's us parents and our fears that make adjusting to new life stages difficult for our children.