Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy Easter!

We had a wonderful Easter morning, in true feasting and celebratory fashion.
Bella knew to anticipate the baskets, and was SO eager to run downstairs to hers! Anastasia's excitement came upon recognizing chocolate within her reach.

The girls had a great system - Bella would take a bite of candy and offer Anastasia the rest of that piece. That meant that at any given moment Anastasia had a piece of sweet in each hand! My two-fisted chocoholic. That's my girl.
Bella enjoyed nibbling on candy while playing with the new necklace and telling us all about the new movie she received. (The Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies, by Beatrix Potter.) The fact that she has never seen it did not seem to stop her from telling us all what happens in the story and how much she loves it. The Easter Bunny has good taste. :)

Patrick made some awesome homemade cinnamon rolls - very appropriate for the Easter Feast, and definitely MUST become a part of our Easter tradition. They were the kind that had to be made the night before, with all the tempting yumminess sitting there rising while we endured the torment and emptiness of Holy Saturday. Perhaps that makes the Easter Feast just that much more exciting. Anyway. The smell of them baking combined with the sound of fresh brewing coffee and the sight of my kiddos running around with the world's biggest sugar high made for the greatest Easter morning a Mama could hope for.

The fun continued after naptime with the annual egg hunt at my parents' house with all the cousins. Anastasia was all about picking them up until she discovered chocolate in one of them. That was the end of that. Bella was counting "coins for my piggy bank" until she found one with jelly beans, at which point she walked around just munching on one at a time watching everyone else.
Hope everyone's Easter was just as joyful and sweet! I think we're still recovering from the sugar consumption around here. Anastasia stole the remainder of the chocolate bunny out of the fridge yesterday and shook her head vigorously "NO" each time I tried to trade for something else! Bella assumes she can have jelly beans after breakfast every morning. It's a good thing Easter lasts 8 days; it will take us at least that long to finish off the candy, and twice that time to detox!


Karen said...

Mmmm...we had cinnamon rolls for Easter morning, too. Although ours were not fresh. They were frozen from when we made them on Christmas. But I enjoyed reading about your Easter celebration! Anastasia's getting so big! I haven't seen you guys in awhile!

Sharon Cason said...

Your girls look so pretty.