Monday, July 6, 2009

Terrific Two!

Happy Birthday, Isabella Marie! Two years ago I discovered how infinitely I could love another human being. My heart swelled even bigger than my ankles at the sight of your beautiful, precious, perfect little face. As I rocked you yesterday, relishing a few extra snuggle minutes before nap time, I recalled what it was like to hold you for the first time. I could not have imagined life being any better, and yet with each passing day you make it so.

As for the "little" bit: you are a tiny treasure by the growth charts. The doctor's visit revealed that your 23 lbs 4 ozs and 33 inches keeps you solidly in the 10% for growth. No worries here, you've been on the same steady curve almost since you were born, and you are healthy!

What you lack in size you more than make up for in personality and Joi de Vive. You make me smile and laugh so often during the days with your silliness and antics. One minute you are shushing your baby doll, the next you are singing a song, and before I can turn around you have decided it's time to play zoo. I love to hear your silly voice, see your "pouty face," and kiss you sweet soft cheeks. Multiple times a day I have the strong desire to capture the moment forever, and I beg God to never let me forget just how wonderful you are right now.

You light up a room with your giggling and singing often! I am both amazed and amused by all the songs you know. I stop even trying to keep track, because just when I'm sure of what you know you shock me with busting out another one. Daddy and I were laughing the other day because you had "The Hole in the Bottom of the Sea" stuck in your head; not conventional for a toddler, but you've been singing it since you heard it on VeggieTales. As I write this right now you are singing a made-up song about "I see Anastasia" and "playing in the morning."

Isabella, you warm my heart with the way you help take care of your baby sister. No one can make Anastasia laugh as much as you do, and you're a big helper with getting toys and "need go make Anastasia happy." You are full of kisses and tickles for her; you are still learning what "gentle" means, but you are trying very hard. Anastasia breaks into a huge smile when you come close to her, and often squeals with delight when you shower her with kisses.

I am proud of how well you behave in Mass... sometimes. Although whispering isn't your strongest talent yet, you can often be seen folding your hands like the rest of us or heard singing along with the Memorial Acclimation. How about when you say, loudly, "Bye Jesus!" as we leave? You love to make the sign of the Cross and are learning the Our Father and Hail Mary.

I thank God for you every day, for the joy you are to all of our family. Hy heart just bursts watching you play, amazed at the incredible Gift you are to us. You capture everything that is wonderful an beautiful in life. I Love You.


Domanda3 said...

These pictures are beautiful! She is such a doll. Mena misses her.