Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Proper Feeding of Infants

First, mix cereal according to directions on the box. I like to run the hot water until it's rather warm and it cools naturally while I stir, until it forms a runny, beige mush. MmMMmmm, anyone hungry? I find the type of spoon to be immaterial, but little spoons do fit in little mouths a little better. Scoop up a small amount on the tip of the spoon and bring it to your own lips to test for appropriate temperature. Be certain to have something to wash that taste away quick! Smile big at your baby saying “oh so yummy!” with as much enthusiasm as you can muster with lukewarm mush stuck on your lips.

Scoop up a large spoonful and smear it on your pants. Next put a little on Baby's chin, then shake the spoon vigorously until you have sufficient splatter across your shirt and at least a few specks in your hair. Smear a sufficient amount on baby's cheeks and nose. Drop one large spoonful on the floor, and then leave the bowl on the very edge of the highchair so that as you lean down to wipe up the little drop Baby can reach said bowl and tip the entire contents onto the floor. Take a moment to notice that you and Baby need a bath, half the kitchen needs to be cleaned, and the bib is spotless.

Well, what she lacks in proficiency she makes up for in enthusiasm!!!