Monday, March 23, 2009

If someone wanted to make a lot of money they could write a book called "Waking up and Staying Awake on Monday Morning." Of course, it would have to be humorous, and even more importantly very simply written so that the half-witted, sleep-deprived zombie of a mom walking around our house could read it. In fact, if it were written in 4- part rhyme with bright illustrations of dancing rhinos then I'm sure I could understand it.

Oh let's see, there was Friday night where nobody slept because Bella came down with a cold. After a busy day Saturday of Patrick working on the deck and then a party at my friends' house, Bella's little cold turned into an all-out asthma upper-respiratory nightmare. Nobody slept Saturday night, either. Sunday Patrick worked on the deck all day with Very Good Friend Andrew and Very Good Brother Scott, and Very Nice Neighbor Dave. Anyone who volunteers to help work outside building deserves a title in all capitals. The highlight from my afternoon was getting ready to come home and losing Bella's bottle and my car keys with both girls crying from exhaustion.

As of this morning Bella has had several nebulizer treatments, lots of fights over nose-blowing, and watched 3 TV shows in bed with Mama. Anastasia has done nothing but smile and babble while I'm near her, and scream her head off when I'm out of sight. I'm off to make another pot of coffee, and if the girls actually stay asleep for a few more minutes I might read. But then again, that would require mental power, so I think I'll stick to letting those precious brain cells slip into the abyss of the internet.