Sunday, December 7, 2008

Coming Up For Air

Just dropping in from the underworld of a post-partum Mom to say hello and post a few pictures of the Latest Model.

A big shout of thanks to Alexis for keeping my faithful readers (all 3 of you) up-to-date on our adventures for a few days. We are overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support and especially the prayers we have received. Words cannot express the depth of gratitude for the storming of heaven that was going on for our family! We know that God had a lot of people to whom He was listening on our behalf!

And with that said, please allow me to introduce (for the second time) Anastasia Kathryn! A beautiful, perfect, HEALTHY Gift from God!

The new Big Sister is in LOVE with "my baby Stacy" as she says... over and over throughout the day. The minute that Anastasia starts to cry Bella jumps up frantically insisting "Mama! Baby! Cry! Baby!" I have some competition for the role of Attentive Mama around here, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Just yesterday she was heading up the stairs and I asked her from my seat where she was going, to which she replied "Up see my baby."

Also overheard from the bathroom was "Baby, rock, wwhhheeeeee!" Nothing can get Mama moving faster than that combination of words. Turns out she was swinging her baby doll in Anastasia's swing.

As for the Little Babe Herself, Anastasia is doing great. She sleeps very well (Praise God!), nurses like a champ, and is an over-achiever in the pooping department - every mother's dream, right? We joke that she is false advertising for babies, because she slept through dinner at a restaurant, and when she wakes up she is bright-eyed and content. As I type right now she is sitting in the bouncy seat watching the Christmas lights on the tree not making a peep. I just sit back and stare at her, amazed at God's Goodness reflected in this precious infant. What a great reflection for Advent - but I digress.

I will post the details of our little adventure soon... "soon" being a relative term, but I promise to work on it. Also, for those interested in every little picture of The Newborn Anastasia you can check out our photo web page which has all of her pictures from the hospital as well as the continuing updates.


Jen said...

I have been telling so many people about Anastasia. She really is a perfect little baby, besides being just beautiful. I was watching her at Mass the other day when we were sitting behind you, amazed that when she opened her little eyes, she started staring around at everything, completely quiet and content. Those eyes are too beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Kate, you have more then three readers, it's just we know that you won't be reading these comments as often now.


Kate said...

Lol, Kathy - I never know who reads this silly little blog of mine, but I'm happy to know that you do!!!

and Thank You, Jen! When she is awake she is very alert and content! It's an amazing experience! :)