Wednesday, July 23, 2008

All About the 1-Year-Old Bella

Stats are in, activities need to be updated! So here it goes, all about Isabella! (The second part is in "Meme" format, an idea I stole from Maria)

Size: 17lbs, 12ozs... 28inches... that's 3% weight, 10% height. Yes, she is a little shrimp, my favorite little Pipsqueak.

Motor-Mouth: ahhh, it starts so early - you love to hear their little voices and realize that you hear them ALL DAY! I love it :) She babbles with great inflection, so much so that sometimes I have to pause and remind myself that she really isn't talking. "Mama!" comes with such great command that it accomplishes exactly what she thinks it should - she has my complete attention. (At least for another few months.) "Dada" is often with great excitement as he arrives home, or with question in her voice as she seems to ask "where?" "UP" is both a game we play where she squats down and then stands up, saying it each time, or it is a gentle but persistent request that she whispers while looking up from around my feet. "No" has surprising emphasis, and often accompanies something she knows she shouldn't be doing. The other day she approaches an outlet (safety covers intact), turns to me and emphatically says "NO!" She will vigorously nod her head while saying "Yeah" when asked a question such as "Do you want to go swimming?" The jury is still out on the definitiveness of please, tickle, more, uh-oh, and a few different animal sounds. However, each day she is doing a good job at convincing me that there is more than meets the ear with her.

Favorite Drink: Half-and-Half. No, don't think Guinness and Harp, think the cream for coffee. (We tried whole milk and she wouldn't drink it). Papa Joe introduced coffee creamers at breakfast one day, and a week later I am almost weaned thanks to Daddy putting half-and-half in my bottle. (Now we're working on weaning her to whole milk, which is going very well. She gets very excited and signs "milk please" when she sees a bottle. )

Favorite Toy: The nearest cell phone, or other electronic or sharp device that does not at all resemble a brightly-colored, age-appropriate toy. Or whatever another kid has in their hands. When all that fails, I do like to play with the stacking shapes, a ball, and in the swimming pool.

Favorite Food: Milk! Despite Mama's best efforts at limiting me to healthy foods, I have also developed quite a taste for popcicles and ice-cream sandwiches. (Thanks, Daddy!)

Favorite Game: Itsy-Bitsy Spider! Little Fishy! Peek-A-Boo! Running away! Raspberries on people! Oh, I just love to play, to laugh, and to make other people laugh.

Favorite Place: OUTSIDE! I love to be outside, whatever the weather! Especially now I LOVE the swimming pool at Meme's house!