Friday, January 7, 2011

Quick Takes


Patrick will be gone ALL WEEKEND. All. Weekend. Once a year (or so) a group of men we have known since college go away for a much needed guys' weekend. These men have all grown up to be solid, Catholic Dads and one solid Catholic Priest. I could not ask for a better group of men with whom my husband to be friends and spend a long weekend. However, for me who is used to having a LOT of help with the kids, the emphasis is on long.


I hope to go into survival mode. Plaster a big smile on my face and sing for 10 hours a day. Alert the funny farm, I'll be filling my spot Tuesday. In reality, I'm not sure how it's going to go. I really am used to him helping a lot, and I haven't regained my confidence with the 3 kids yet.


For the first time ever, I am actually ready to resume Ordinary Time. The Church has given us a beautiful rhythm to our lives ordered with the Liturgical calendar. Before kids I never really gave it much thought; it was there, it was good, but it had very little to do with how I live my day. Now that I am in a constant struggle to bring order and rhythm to my days I really appreciate the beauty it offers for our lives. We knew when to start preparing for Christmas, because there is a whole season of Advent. Now we know when to start settling down from the wonderful happy upheaval that is Christmas and ease ourselves into a normal routine.


Joey has another head cold. Yuck. The poor little guy is a Snuffly Sniffly Mess who isn't sleeping well. The worst part of it all is that he has his MRI scheduled for next week! Last time they couldn't do it because he was so congested (he has to be sedated under general anesthesia, so he can't have upper respiratory problems). Please pray for my Joey, that he gets over this very quickly and that a silly head cold does not interfere with procedures again.


Speaking of my Amazing Joey he is growing like a champ! At 18lbs 14 ozs he's HUGE for a cardiac kid, and he is a super-smiler. He's progressing and developing so nicely, and I really need to write a real post updating asap.


Patrick and I actually had a date-night this week! My parents stayed with the kids, and the girls even went to a puppet show! They were almost as thrilled as we were to have us out of the house! We went to dinner at our favorite steakhouse, thanks to a gift card from a thoughtful friend. We way overate and it was wonderful down to the last lick of BBQ sauce and sweet potato. After a leisurely dinner we went to see Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader at the theater! We really loved having an evening out!


Did I mention I'm nervous about the next 4 days? I am offering up a lot of my anxiety and the suffering of the weekend for the women who's husbands are deployed. I am such a wimp.

Many thanks to Jen @ Conversion Diary for hosting!


Maria said...

Too funny... Andrew and I actually went on a date to see Narnia this week, too!

We can totally make it through the next few days, (though I must say I am not enjoying God's sense of humor in letting us moms get sick right as our husbands are leaving). Good idea about offering up the next few days for wives of deployed soliders. The are the real heroes!

Ute said...

Thanks Kate, for offering up your suffering for some military Moms. We sure can use it. I could say "well, wait till you have to do it for a year", but really, it is ALWAYS difficult to shift into single-parenting mode, and when you make it through it without losing your sanity, then you have accomplished something great. That said... Good luck! You can do it!!

PS: Well, I guess you did it already, since the weekend is over. Congrats!!