Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas Eats

In Brasil, as with many cultures, the Big Christmas Feast is on Christmas Eve. My sister-in-law carried on that tradition and we were very happy to be included!

Everything was absolutely delicious. One thing that she reminded us was that the weather is hot and humid in Brazil; Christmas is in summer. So we ate a tropical meal with the beauty of a gentle snowfall outside the window.

The side dishes were unlike anything I had ever eaten before, and I am now addicted. I am torn between wanting the recipe and being afraid to ruin it! We had Turkey served with fruit, rice mixed with veggies, this grain/starch dish that is impossible to describe other than delicious, and Brazilian potato salad (it has apples in it!).

She also prepared our Christmas Day lunch, which is "bread cake" to be eaten with leftover turkey. Layers of white bread, with a different filling between each. Creamy spinach, carrot puree, chicken salad, cream cheese, and raspberry or strawberry jam. It was also delicious, both to the eyes and mouth!

I do not know how I've lived life without the knowledge of how to make Dulce de Leche with a pressure-cooker and a can of condensed milk. Armed with that knowledge, I could conquer the world! Or at least make this delicious cake.

Although I don't remember exactly when, I know I thoroughly enjoyed this beautiful cherry pie, courtesy of my mother-in-law.